Advice & Services

Fully proficient in each and every aspect of Real Estate Business, Claude and Tom LOSCH guarantee you, together with their team, optimal flexibility as well as strong commitment to advise you properly in your choices. They will also guide you through the jungle of administrative and tax Issues that usually appear during any real estate project.

Immo-Losch is active in the field of buying, selling and renting, but also in the promotion of new properties, as well as in the search for properties for investment purposes.

The role of Immo-Losch does not stop at purchasing or selling property though! The team will accompany you well beyond this, especially in the search for a solvent tenant, which they can continue to deal with after the moving in. Immo-Losch will also be the first point of contact in the event of problems, such as a non-payment of the rent.

Thanks to its in-house technical team, Immo-Losch is able to intervene quickly within your property if required.

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